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Support for NEWborn Moms workbook

There's so much focus on baby. This resource focuses on YOU.

The Support for NEWborn Moms workbook is a resource for women to process their own transition to motherhood, with all of the blessings and struggles becoming a mom brings. We leave all of the talk about feeding choices, sleeping philosophies, and infant milestones to the other books. Here, you’ll find only encouragement and honesty about the changes you experience during the postpartum period.

Becoming a mother changes and challenges us.

This beautifully designed, easy-to-read workbook explains these life changes and includes ideas for how to work through the expectations and emotions you may be experiencing.

The workbook includes questions for reflection through your journey to motherhood, Biblical encouragement and space to journal your thoughts. Offered in either a paperback or Kindle format, it is perfect to use on your own, with a small group of women, or as part of a peer-led support group. 

The workbook seeks to change the conversation, offering you space to consider:

Why you may be experiencing painful emotions.

How to process what you are going through in a healthy way.

Where God may be leading you to grow in your struggle.

preview of 3 pages of the Support for NEWborn Moms workbook