Support for NEWBorn Moms ebook



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The workbook for any woman who is struggling with the transition to motherhood (whether this is your first or fifth time around…or anything in between or beyond). Each chapter is honest, engaging and compassionate, allowing you to both consider what are your beliefs, and if they are serving you well.

We cover:

  • This is not what I expected
  • Is this the baby blues?
  • New motherhood is difficult
  • Who am I now that I’m mom?
  • When motherhood feels like a loss
  • Accepting hardship as grace
  • Letting others into your struggle
  • Becoming a good enough mother
  • Moving forward on the journey

Throughout the workbook there is room to journal as you consider how you are approaching this season, and where you may be able to grow in your relationship with God, yourself and those around you.


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