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Feel better about yourself

as a NEWborn mom

Support and encouragement for women struggling with the demands and emotions of motherhood

Welcoming a new baby into your world changes YOU...and sometimes the changes feel hard.

Yes, motherhood is a blessing, but it’s also demanding, exhausting and messy. You’ve changed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Where is the help to process it all?

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Refreshingly honest faith-based support for moms of newborns

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Support Group

Moms are welcome to join our weekly, online support group offered every Monday from 6:45 – 8:15 pm Eastern time as a part of the Summit Church’s G4 Ministry. The group is FREE to join. Purchase of the Support for NEWborn Moms Workbook is required (scholarships are available).

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The Support for NEWborn Moms Workbook can be used on your own, with friends, or in your own local church’s small group or ministry. It is a valuable resource for any mom with children ages 18 months or younger. Offering both practical help and a Christian perspective, journaling through the workbook helps any woman experiencing motherhood.

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Kerri offers personalized  workshops for groups of women in the church and community. She loves to craft messages around planning for the postpartum period, the transition to motherhood, growing in faith during this period, and more. Contact her for more information and pricing.

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I know how hard it is to care for yourself while caring for a newborn.

The first year postpartum after the birth of both of my children were some of the most rewarding and difficult years I’ve ever experienced. As a mom, I deeply understand the tremendous amount of physical and emotional energy it takes to make it through early motherhood.
My almost two decades of working with families as a certified childbirth educator, and more recently as a trained postpartum support group facilitator, has helped me see that women need much more support and encouragement after baby arrives than we are typically giving them. I want to change that!

Reaching out for support will be the easiest thing you do all day (or night)

Chose if you’d like to join our weekly support group, buy the workbook, or schedule a phone consultation with Kerri to discuss your group’s needs.

We know you are short on sleep, so we make it easy. Get access to the group information by emailing support@KerriKristoff.com.  Purchase the workbook right from Amazon, or schedule a call with Kerri.


No, we can’t make your baby stop screaming, but we can promise that you are on your way to feeling more supported and encouraged. You are not alone.  Things will get better.

Hear from other NEWborn Moms

"The postpartum support group really helped me better understand how becoming a mom has changed my identity and my roles in life. I didn’t know how much I needed a community of moms dealing with the same issues as I was and going through similar changes. Through the group, I gained tools to help me cope with my postpartum anxiety that now months later I still use. I am so thankful that this group exists. It has helped me dividends.”

-Alexis S.

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